Announcing an Ethereum community website.

Dear Ethereum Community, Today, it is with great pride and hopefulness, I announce the launch of, an “Ethereum Community Site”. is still in development so we ask that you please bear with and support us as we continue to build. is a site that will both strengthen and nurture the very core of the Ethereum ecosystem.  A site that will support both new users and ongoing users alike.  A site that will help to fill a major void in our ecosystem.  A site we can all…



All the latest and greatest videos on the Ethereum Blockchain and Blockchain Technology launching here soon.


Bitcoin Breaks $7,000 & Why You Shouldn’t Care

Bitcoin is back in bull territory again in a rush to pile up risk-on assets as the dollar pulls back and stocks start creeping upwards yet again. Wedding party took on some sinister overtones. (Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash) When Thomas Greene was a young boy, he didn’t much like George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise even though all the neighborhood kids went crazy for the space operatic series of movies. So naturally, when Star Wars toys first hit the stores, he wasn’t overly exciting about buying them either. Flush with cash from his paper route, washing…

Decentralized Finance

How is Decentralized Finance making Wealth building more inclusive?

The emerging model of Decentralized Finance enabled by technology, driven by innovation with the immense need for inclusiveness for the less privileged is changing the investing landscape by bringing inclusiveness to the “less privileged”. The Fintech revolution has broken through the traditional barriers of entry into the wealth-building sphere. Traditionally, we in the Western economies, have had ample opportunities to grow & protect our wealth with access to sound knowledge, an abundance of banks, vibrant markets and availability of a wide variety of investment assets like stocks, options, bonds, mutual funds etc. But people…


Tokenization of Energy: Crypto Mining, Proof of Work and the Reinvention of Energy Financial Markets

Blockchain-based innovations are as much about new technology as they are about new concepts of governance. In particular, the continued proliferation of Proof of Work (PoW) consensus has the potential to fundamentally change the structure and incentives of the energy markets. By translating physically trapped energy into global and digitally mobile value, the energy economics of production and distribution may change. One of the most common misconceptions about the Blockchain and Digital Assets space is that we’re witnessing “a technology-driven” revolution. While the technology paradigm of distributed ledgers (“DLTs”) certainly brings incremental…



Building has been no easy task. And… we’re still building. It’s been a long and tough road for everyone involved in standing this project up and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far. This is an “Ethereum Community Site” that we build for all of us and the time has now come that we invite the rest of the community to join us. So please come on in and use the site but watch your step, somethings may still need a little fine tuning. If you see a…


Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Three: Why Privacy Coins Will Rule the Next Bull Run

Welcome to part three of the Surviving Crypto Winter series (check out part one and two), where I profile companies and projects that have a shot at surviving the winds of crypto winter and thriving when dreams of spring comes again. This time I profile the an entire category of projects: privacy coins. In twenty years cash will be illegal. The great movement to a cashless society already started years ago. The invention of the computer made it inevitable. And governments that can’t resist peering into every aspect of our lives will make it a reality.…