Create A New
Ether Address

An Ether address is an account on the Ether Blockchain. This guide will help you create an Ether address that you fully control. Individual users having the ability to fully control an Ether address is the primary feature of the Ether Blockchain. We fully support users having 100% control of their Ether address.

Get An Ether Wallet

An “Ether Wallet” is an application that helps users create and manage an Ether address. An Ether wallet application will allow you to send and receive Ether from your newly created password protected Ether Blockchain address. There are lots of Ether wallet solutions however, these are the top 3 options we recommend.

Trust Wallet

Not compatible with
! Exchange
Platform iOS/Android
Type Software
Price Free
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Compatible with Exchange
Platform Chrome browser
Type Software
Price Free
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Compatible with Exchange
Platform Windows/Mac/Linux
Type Hardware
Price From $ 59.99
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IMPORTANT - During the Setup of your wallet it is very important to understand and follow the password protection and recovery procedures of the wallet application you choose. You and you alone will have full control of your Ether address. Theft or Loss of your Ether address password or password recovery will result in stolen or unretrievable Ether. has no ability to access accounts on the Ether Blockchain.

Get Your Ether Address

Once you’ve installed and setup your Ether wallet, an Ether address will be automatically created. The easiest way to find the Ether address in your wallet is by selecting “Receive”. This will reveal the Ether address your wallet has created. Ether addresses always begin with 0x. Always copy and paste Ether addresses. NEVER, NEVER try to enter an address manually. And always double check that you have pasted the address correctly. All sent transactions are final and are not reversible.



Now that you have an Ether address. Copy the address from your wallet and GET ETHER.

IMPORTANT - An Ether address can only receive and send Ether or other compatible tokens built on the Ether Blockchain. Until you are 100% familiar with Ether Blockchain token standards we HIGHLY recommend you use your Ether address to receive and send Ether only.