Announcing an Ethereum community website.

Dear Ethereum Community,

Today, it is with great pride and hopefulness, I announce the launch of, an “Ethereum Community Site”. is still in development so we ask that you please bear with and support us as we continue to build. is a site that will both strengthen and nurture the very core of the Ethereum ecosystem.  A site that will support both new users and ongoing users alike.  A site that will help to fill a major void in our ecosystem.  A site we can all be proud of. 

The Problem

The Ethereum Blockchain is positioned to change the very foundation of the internet and all of humanity.  However, currently, Ethereum Blockchain users both new and old must find transactional information, network data, current news, FAQs, services, blockchain applications, social interaction and basic learning information scattered across the internet amongst many different websites.

To effectively learn, interact with the technology and connect to the community, users must visit Blockchain Explorer sites, cryptocurrency exchanges, Reddit communities, YouTube channels, news/blog sites and more. 

This is a major roadblock for new users and also leaves the current community without the nucleus/campfire/gathering point needed to both maintain and continually foster new user growth.  If you’ve ever tried to help a friend or family member learn about, get Ether, or safely invest in this new technology then you know first hand what I am speaking about.

The Solution 

We are building to become an all-inclusive Ethereum website featuring:

Decentralized Token Exchange

Full Featured Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Current & Historical Blockchain News & Videos

Ethereum Token Market Data

New User On-Boarding/FAQs

Community Social Interaction 

User Account Services

User Reputation

Verified User Accounts

A site that will provide the highest level of Ethereum Blockchain Information, News, Tools, Services and Social Interaction. A site that will create partnerships with the community, to both serve and strengthen the community.  A site built with great UI/UX to stimulate mass adoption as an utmost priority.  And most importantly, a trusted site that you can refer to a friend or loved one as a resource to find the support needed to learn, use and greatly benefit from blockchain technology.

As we all know, the Ethereum ecosystem is currently at a very pivotal juncture.  We are faced with overcoming scalability issues. We must develop applications that improve and break legacy trust points.  We must build the bridges that will allow accessibility of the masses to our technology.  This process will take time and many projects, both large and small, will not survive.

To fulfill our mission, and to put it very frankly, We Need Your Support.  I now openly ask for the support of the Ethereum community members and the greater blockchain ecosystem.

Who is  Who am I and why should you support us?  

The Ethereum community is and has always been very special amongst blockchain communities.  It is the true core of this community, both long time and new members alike, that have joined together in establishing a culture of inclusion and respect.  It is this core of the community that supported each other early on and continues to build and push the Ethereum ecosystem forward today.  

It is this core community that I hope to reach and draw support from the most.  I am, a long time core member of the Ethereum community.  

One thing that has always warmed my heart about blockchain communities is the practice of telling each other our stories of how we first got introduced to blockchain technology.  I think it’s fascinating to hear each other’s stories.  It’s also important for us to learn the tipping point moments that lead to gaining new members of the community.  In that spirit, I will briefly share my story.

I first heard about Bitcoin in the summer of 2011 when a friend explained it to me as “money to buy drugs on the Internet”.  Well… since I wasn’t in the market of purchasing drugs on the Internet, I didn’t give it a second thought (Yes, I missed out on less than $1 Bitcoin).  It was then in the fall of 2013 that Bitcoin hit my radar once again when posted an article about Bitcoin.  Bitcoin had gone from $20 to $1300 in less than a year and this time I took a second look.  I immediately read the Bitcoin white paper and I instantly “got it”.  I fully understood Bitcoin as digital cash.  More importantly I understood it as an alternative to the legacy financial systems.  

It was then January of 2014, I had a couple months of Bitcoin knowledge under my belt, I was totally hooked on the technology, I hadn’t purchased any Bitcoin yet, but I was consuming every bit of information about Bitcoin that I could find.  The Miami Bitcoin Conference was being held and I can remember very vividly that I was literally just waiting around for videos to pop-up on YouTube so I could watch some of the presentations.  I was feenin’ and ironically Bitcoin content had become my “drugs on the internet”.  This video was posted that day (later reposted by the EF) and it has changed my life forever.  This is the video of u/vbuterin presenting Ethereum to the public for the first time.  I was one of the first 15 or 20 to click on the link.  I watched this video and my head absolutely exploded.  I can only describe it as like being in the room the first time Thomas Edison presented electricity!  And… if up to that point there’s only been oil and candles to create light… you immediate know this will change everything.  I knew at that moment the Ethereum project would be one of the most important projects in the history of mankind.  Again, Thank you u/vbuterin for your vision, your courage and your leadership.

It was good timing that I had a full understanding of Bitcoin, it was certainly important that I have a bigger interest and appreciation of the technology over price speculation and I was also very fortunate that I’ve been a serial entrepreneur all my life. These things help me to clearly see the Ethereum Blockchain vision, the greater promise of the technology and the courage and focus to take action.  I am 100% committed to the Ethereum project, committed to this community and committed to developing open, decentralized, trust-less services and applications for the benefit of all mankind.  I, like many others in the core of this community have been here for a very long time supporting, contributing and building.  I ask you for your support so that we all can continue our missions.

A member of the community: 

I’ve been a member of the community on reddit since day one (I’ve been building a lot and don’t post as much these days).

DAI – I was at the first Maker community meeting w u/Rune

The Dao – I was very supportive of the fork

Gnosis ICO – I speak up for greater good

Ether Under $1 – I’m an original HODLer

I supported the Ethereum project in the pre-sale.  

I mined with a computer on the Olympic test net and I mined with a rig from my home for the first 2 years of the main network going live in July 2015.

I’ve been working on for 3+ years (Myself and now a team of 8 Rock Star Developers).

Here’s how you can support us:

  • If you like our site, please tell your friends and family about us.
  • Up vote this post here on Reddit.
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet our announcements – Here
  • Use our Decentralized Exchange to trade tokens – Here
  • Use to buy Ether with a credit card  Here
  • Use to Instant Buy Tokens with Ether – Here
  • Bookmark your Ether Account on our explorer.  Search for you account – Here 
  • Search your blockchain transactions on our explorer – Here  (15 currencies supported & Timestamp value for every Tx)
  • Purchase the new Nano X or other Ledger products via our affiliate link – Here
  • Visit the site and Give us your feedback – Here
  • If you want to be a Sponsor, Strategic Partner or Contributor of content contact us – Here
  • Make the home page on your web browser.
  • Add your Ether Account to your mobile home screen. Our account pages look awesome on mobile!
  • If you read an article on our site that you like, share it on your social media. 

How Mining Pools, Dapps, Wallets and other Blockchain apps can support us:

Link your transaction url receipts to our transaction pages. 

  • Every transaction has a Timestamp value at the time of the transaction.
  • Blockchain transactions (and site wide) available in 15 currencies for global accessibility.
  • Our transaction pages look awesome on mobile!  – See Here 

If you have the taken the time to read this far into my post, you absolutely are a core member of this community!  Thank You Very Much for your time and we would greatly appreciate your support.

A final and MOST important message to the community:

The single biggest thing you can do to help us AND to help the entire Ethereum community is to stop using centralized exchanges and start using a completely decentralized exchange!   

Centralized exchanges are extracting value from our ecosystem, falsifying data, losing customer funds and some are flat out stealing customers funds. 

I don’t have to explain this any further to core of this community.  We all know the problems with centralized exchanges and we all know it’s senseless to use a technology that eliminates the middleman, yet to trade tokens with each other we bypass that technology and we use a middleman.  We all know we can’t allow the damage of this paradigm to continue.  As a community we must build and we must support open decentralized finance applications.

Now is the time to migrate away from centralized exchanges! and other DEXs need your support now! 

EtherBlockchain will be the trusted site we can all tell our friends and family to go to, to learn about blockchain technology and decentralized applications.  We will teach users to hold their own keys and fully control their own digital assets.  We will strengthen and nurture the core of the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting, partnering with and giving back to this community.  We will build open and trust-less applications that benefit not just the few but the many.

We ask you to visit our site and to support us.  Please recommend us to your friends and family, if you discover things that don’t work correctly or if there’s a feature that you’d like to see us add, please tell us.

Thank You All for your support!


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