Bitcoin Breaks $7,000 & Why You Shouldn’t Care

Bitcoin is back in bull territory again in a rush to pile up risk-on assets as the dollar pulls back and stocks start creeping upwards yet again. Wedding party took on some sinister overtones. (Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash) When Thomas Greene was a young boy, he didn’t much like George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise even though all the neighborhood kids went crazy for the space operatic series of movies. So naturally, when Star Wars toys first hit the stores, he wasn’t overly exciting about buying them either. Flush with cash from his paper route, washing…


What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is a new form of internet money that is fundamentally different from existing currencies. But what makes it different, and why is it important? It is decentralised, meaning it isn’t controlled by any single company or person, and all transactions are peer-to-peer. The history of all transactions is continually being verified by powerful computers, so it is impossible to change once a transaction has been accepted. There are many benefits to this approach. There is no single entity that can manipulate it in any way, meaning there is no…