What is Ethereum? – Explained SIMPLY!

Ever wanted to understand Ethereum in a simple way OR explain it someone who doesn’t know about it – without getting utterly lost in blockchain lingo?

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Announcing EtherBlockchain.io an Ethereum community website.

Dear Ethereum Community, Today, it is with great pride and hopefulness, I announce the launch of EtherBlockchain.io, an “Ethereum Community Site”.  EtherBlockchain.io is still in development so we ask that you please bear with and support us as we continue to build.   EtherBlockchain.io is a site that will both strengthen and nurture the very core of the Ethereum ecosystem.  A site that will support both new users and ongoing users alike.  A site that will help to fill a major void in our ecosystem.  A site we can all…


Ethereum’s most innovative token standards and their use cases

Source: WorldSpectrum Ethereum brings with it a variety of token standards, and it is fair to say these have contributed to opening new possibilities in blockchains integration with other technologies. It has allowed, if nothing else, other blockchain platforms to use Ethereum as a basis for their own, in the form of ERC20 tokens which are later redeemed for the platform’s mainnet tokens if and when they do complete their own chains. Although this is the best known of Ethereum’s token standards at present, there are a number of others which…



Building EtherBlockchain.io has been no easy task. And… we’re still building. It’s been a long and tough road for everyone involved in standing this project up and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far. This is an “Ethereum Community Site” that we build for all of us and the time has now come that we invite the rest of the community to join us. So please come on in and use the site but watch your step, somethings may still need a little fine tuning. If you see a…